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“My Six Is Your Nine” is the fourth album from Korbowód, a band from the industrial reaches of Southern Poland. The album is the result of the band’s collaboration with David O’Sullivan, an Irish singer-songwriter who’s distinctive vocal sound and lyrical content sit perfectly within Korbowód’s dark trippy psychedelic soundscapes.“My Six Is Your Nine” is […]

DJ You Know

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DJ You Know is serving their tunes incorporated into an eclectic set where they gradually, depending on the mood and stage time slot, speeds up tempo from 96bpm till 174 playing out and remixing their productions while singing and performing on many different instruments. They put it all together live using 32 channel analog mixer […]



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SuperMono is a project created to embrace happy music with style and old school funky vibe. Members of the band are top notch class instrumentalists who transfer the joy of playing together onto the audience that is always delighted with the quality of arrangements presented by this band. Quality funk soul music is what comes out of […]