Blindman’s Rainbow

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Call it a mid-life crisis or a re-birth, Blindman’s Rainbow are back after a 25 year long hiatus. Flushed with the success of their recent re-appearance on Record Collector Magazine’s ‘Small Town Scenery’ LP, the band are ready to remind you that their Indie Pop Love on the back of a bus still is for real.
First formed in 1987 as school boys growing up in the terracotta streets of home town Reading, Blindman’s Rainbow were on the verge of big things by 1990, but when a big deal with a big label fell through, it was time to take a break.
A new-fangled social media platform brought founding members together in 2014 for a marathon mid-week drinking session in the Purple Turtle bar. The decision was made there and then to perform only the music they’d written since they’d last met. The result is a hybrid Alt-Rock fusion of their early influences, The Clash and Spacemen 3 with later sounds including The Verve and Mogwai.
Close your eyes, and hear the melody.